Friday, September 4, 2009

Because the old must go...

She yawns and stands, leaving her bed she walks to the window. The air is crisp, the wind blows slowly past, rolling over the surfaces of the buildings and trees. The winds of change are once again blowing, but at a much slower rate. She looks over the courtyard and sees the Tiran prisoners of war brought out, each one is handed a nice dress uniform. She then sees them lead off to the barraks again. "The time is coming for all of us."

She walks to dress and hears a knock at the door. "Stad Galk, you're prompt as usual, but today I am not. I will be out shortly" The knocking stops and she dresses. After preparing herself in an offical manner, she exits the room to see her tall security guard waiting for her. " Hi, Galk." She smiles to him, grateful that she can depend on him. "How are the prisoners?"

In his normal fashion, he starts to nudge her to move to her normal appointments. "They are waiting for you, or should be waiting shorlty."

"Good." Watches the hall's covered by the family banners, wonders how many new banners will be created from this meeting. "Are they in the meeting room or the reading room?"

"They are being takin to the reading room, as per your request." Galk smiles.

"Good. I was unsure if the Sarket was going to listen to my instruction or not. He' s a fan of the technological advancements."

They arrive at the large iron doors that lead to the reading room. She pauses a moment, then turns to the wooden door across the hall and enters. She looks around the room at the leather bound books that sit, dusty on the shelves. "I don't know how dad ever really did this." She turns back to Galk. "Would you please make sure they are all comfortable. It will make the machine more effective." He formally bows and leaves to carry out her orders.

Once he is gone, she sits in the large backed leather chair, behind the intimidating large woodden desk. She opens the large drawer and pulls out a small helmet looking item, and places it on her head. Activating it she focuses her thoughts toward the great hall, and then to the reading room. There she can hear the names, ranks, and thoughts of the men in the room. She is suprised that not one of them is a woman. She begins to focus, trying to identify what important information will allow her to move toward the treaty. She tires from the effort, but continues to walk through each mind. Then suddenly she is stopped. One man blocks the effects of the reading room and the thought reading machine. She is stuck by surprise and his anger, stepping back into herself quickly, she removes the helmet.

Standing quickly she walks into the room across the hall before Galk can stop her or ask what she saw, she looks from face to face. She identifies each one from her reading of them, then she walks by someone who makes her shudder with chills. "Galk, take this one to my office." She indicates who it is. Once he has removed the individual she turns to the rest of the men in the room. "Gentlemen, you may address me as Sonteria" They sit up, realizing they are in the presance of royalty. "You have in front of you, computer terminals. Each one has the expetations of my elite forces. I expect all of you to learn them, and you will, regardless of age, meet those requirements." Each one begins to review the information on the screens in the table. Some start to grumble that the bar is being set to high for them. "Your alternative, Mr Jones, is to remain as a prisoner of war." He grumbles but accepts her terms. "You will be provide food, shelter, attire, and anything else you require. Once you have learned the basice, you will shadow the people here who are in equalivant ranks and be taught what is appropriate expectations. From there you will be allowed to return to your people in those positions, to educate and bring them to our standards." She walks to the door. "Not one word of this is open to discussion or debate, so your thoughts on the matter is of little concern." She leaves them, hoping she didn't come across weakly or to strong.

She knows the new requirements are needed, but it is always going to be a difficult adjustment period.

Quickly she walks across the building to her office, where Galk sits with the general she ordered out of the room. She looks at him, when she enters, trying to figure him out. He appeared unphased by the removal and smiles almost a smirk, when she orders him to sit again. She walks to her chair and sits "Jackson, your anger is unneed here."

He is suprised she knows his name without asking, but doesn't respond as such. "My anger, Sonteria, comes as a result of what we are closing right now. I am not pleased with the horrors of war, or the situation we are in."

Changing the subject, "How did you know what the room is for?"

His eyes narrow and he speaks in an angry controled tone "I was taught to deal with mind witches, many years ago."

"Mind witches?" She tries to recall the meaning of his words, then laughs. "Ok. Galk please make sure he has all that he needs to attend our Sontair's tribute" Galk bows and leaves to make sure the required issues are attended to. Once he does "Mr. Jackson you will be required to advise me as we go, about how to address your 'president' later." Then she stands with him and walks him out the door to Galk. "Galk, did you have this arranged" He bows and confirms it. "Good, send him with Stad Stoche to prepare."

Galk indicates Mr Jackson should follow him, and they walk to another guard. He is left, and Galk walks back to the Sonteria. "You are going very easy on them. Why?"

"Simply Galk, the old way of doing things, has to change."