Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A frightening Discovery

Anazlyn found herself in a room, cold and exhausted.  She was almost angry.  Anyone would press the power to the point of shutdown after so many warnings.  She stood from her desk chair and walked to collect more data tablets.  Then she walked across the room and sat in front of the old fireplace instead of her office.

Sitting in the large she sat in one of the old large chairs in the darkness.  Just a few moments before her thoughts were disturbed by a knock at the door. “Come.”

Jerrik and Jackson walk in with grim expressions on their faces.  Jerrik began “I, no we hope you are well.” She nods, he looks over to Jackson who walks out of the room briefly.  “We have news, Sonteria.”

“What is going on?” Anazlyn moved her hands around the data tablets absently clutching them, concerned by what is about to be shared.

“Jackson and I have reason to believe the engineer of the war….works in the Palace.”

Jackson walks back in carrying wood from the fallen trees, and puts it into the fireplace. As he worked to  get the fire started he spoke to her. “The ship had a cascade failure caused by an intermittent interruption in the plasma stream on the ship. “

“Alright, but gentlemen, as my limited understanding goes, that could be caused by anything.”

Jerrik pulled out the guard’s medallion and dangled it before her. “This is the correct size to have created the exact pattern of feedback in the plasma field.”

She looked at it curiously, trying to recall how many positions used that medallion. “Jerrik there are only….a hundred people in the palace given that medallion or one like it. You did tests and simulations to confirm this is the exact item?”

As the fire started, Jackson stood and walked to her. “Sonteria, there has been numerous variations on the testing and simulations, this is the only thing that could have interrupted the stream and caused the damage that was done.”

She looked at Jerrik’s medallion as he put it back in. “Mr. Jackson, the majority of the people who carry that medallion are personal guard, and personal staff. That means someone close betrayed my brother."