Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even the simple days are numbered

Before the knock is heard, she pulls the hood over her head again, making certain to tuck her hair into it. The knock comes, and her stomach churns as it has every day for the last two years, when he comes to get her. “Come in Kareth.” Her voice faithful to her, remains calm and emotionless.

Kareth opens the door and comes in, looking at the cloaked figure, he sighs. “It is time for morning meal, and today you and I leave for the Council of Families. The position belongs to me.”

“As we knew it would, Kareth. You require time there to understand how to become Kolnair.”

“Yes…” Kareth trails off, not sure what more to say, he turns and holds the door for her. “You may go first.”
Arrianna does not move.  Kareth is not surprised by her choice. “I am not the senior in the home.”

“None other knows this.”

“But Arrianna, even you said one day they will.”

“Yes, Kareth, but that is not today.” She waits for him to step from the room, and then follows wishing she would become an equal instead of what will be. They continue to the main hall, and enter together as is expected and they are seated for the meal. She rolls up her sleeves just enough to be able to eat her meal, as she has every day for the last many years. She eats in silence unless spoken to, and that does not occur as often any longer as it once did. When the meal concludes, the house of the family of Kareth, moves onto their business for the day. For her part Arrianna shadows Kareth in his effort to prepare for the trip to the capital city.

The day winds by rapidly, and the announcement is made for transport. Kareth's authoritative voice turns attention to her, “Arrianna, are you prepared?” She nods in confirmation. “I’m confused. You’ve not returned to your room once, and I see no bags.”

“I wear what I require at this time. I have no need for luggage.”

Kareth, frustrated, yanks up one of his bags then almost tosses it into the guard there to take it from him.

Once the guard takes the bag he turns to her again “We are not looking for Martyrdom.”

“Nor am I a martyr” her voice remains emotionless.

“Arrianna you need to prepare for a trip. This is not days gone, this is months gone.”

“I am aware of this Kareth.”

Exasperated, he walks from the room and to the transport, she enters closely behind him, taking an assistants seat nearby. She says nothing, but he turns to her and says “I hope all of this confusion that you offer will be made clear one day. This is becoming more than one person can bare.” He turns back to the guard, orders privacy; the guard closes the compartment door, then takes position outside.  Kareth then looks over to Arrianna one more time before getting comfortable and going to sleep for the long ride.

Arrianna meditates while he rests, preparing for what will be her last trip into the capital city.