Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lessons to learn

Arianna sits in her room, calming herself, starts to reach out slowly with her mind to find the people nearby. She smiles when she touches Kareth’s mind, then moves on from there. Carefully she identifies the guards outside her room, then the Konair as he returns for the day. Feeling more confident she reaches further, finding many minds to account for. Suddenly, one finds her, projecting to her she stops her search. Arianna projects to the mind that found her ~ who are you? ~

~I am like you~ the voice echoes in her mind, calmly.

~how are you like me?~ Arianna hesitates, the new skill is difficult to focus, but finds that focus here comes easy.

~I am telepathic like you. You are not confident with this are you?~

~No. I am not, not yet. This is still a fairly new skill for me.~ Arianna opens her eyes and looks around the room, making sure there are no listening devices or speakers.

~No you are alone. I am only here because you came to me first.~


~I am sorry if this is uncomfortable. Are you Cordelian? ~

Confused by the question, Arianna hesitates to answer ~No. I am Zarrokian. You are not?~

~No. I am Cordelian. ~

~I had no idea that Cordelian’s were telepathic. ~ Arianna stands up and walks to the bed, sits more comfortably.

~ Most are not. I was not made aware that the Zarrokian people were either.~

Arianna smiles broadly. ~ Most of us are not, I however am, and need to be. I am just learning, that is why I am not confident.~

~Just learning? You were not born with it?~

~Yes…I was born with the propensity for it, but it did not appear until recently.~ Arianna pulls her hair out of the hood of her cloak, before continuing, ~ I have to teach myself enough to serve the people of Zarrok well.~
~So you can read minds now, right?~

~Yes, and project thoughts as words.~ Arianna makes certain that no one is due to enter, removes her cloak and puts it on the chair next to her bed. ~ How long have you known you were able to do this? ~

~All of my life.~

~So you have had a lot of time to practice. Is there a way I could ask you to help me learn?~

After a long pause the Cordellian woman agrees, with one condition. ~I do not want you to discuss who I am, or what I can do with anyone. I have maintained a quiet understanding all of my life, I would like to avoid disrupting it.~

Arianna finds this odd, but understands why someone might want this to count this among their secrets. ~Yes I will keep this quiet. I am Arianna. What is your name?~