Tuesday, December 15, 2009

History that haunts some...surfaces for all

Once they are on their way, Galk speaks up “I am glad that you are no longer neglecting betrothed.”

Anazlyn continues to walk to her meeting, clearly distracted and missing what was said. “Have you spoken with Jackson recently?”

Galk smiles slightly, but speaks evenly. “No. He has been occupied with the Dolk Wilton, for several weeks.”

“Weeks?” Anazlyn pauses her steps. “How does that work? Should he not be…?” She shakes her head and resumes walking. “Please advise him that I require a meeting later today. We have some areas to cover.”
Galk makes a note on the data tablet he is holding, then “Sonteria you also have an appointment with Slarc and Dopath.”

Galk stays silent for a long while before asking “When will you be addressing the council again?”

“I will later. I cannot bring myself to stand in front of that many people so often and get the same anxiety results. There must be some other way to handle that address…although someone could stand in for me, I am thinking maybe something remote, what do you think?”

“Tradition says that the address must be given before the council of families at least twice a session. It does not say that it cannot be done by satellite feed or other method. Is knowing that you will be speaking before so many diplomats at once what makes you uncomfortable? If it is, there are many options to address that.”

“I have not ever been a fan of public speaking, well not for myself anyway. I know I can deliver a speech, and I know I can entertain as needed, but to speak before a crowd that vast…I just find it...uncomfortable. Parin however enjoys that kind of focus and attention. “

As they walk Galk notices two of the advisor’s office doors open, just slightly. “Yes, that does seem more of his area; however that is not his responsibility at this time.” He opens her office door, surprised by the person sitting in a chair, facing the Sonteria’s desk. “Why are you here Jackson?”

Without acknowledging Galk’s statement Jackson begins “Sonteria, we have a problem.”

Anazlyn walks in, as if oblivious to the interaction, walks around her desk noticing the pile of data tablets in the center. “What kind of problem, Mr. Jackson?”

“Not one I like to consider, however the evidence is there to indicate our worlds may have been intentionally manipulated into the war. “ Jackson indicates the data tablets on the table. “Each one of them has some piece of the puzzle and I still have not put it all together.”

Holding the first tablet she sits down, begins to read it. As she does she finds much of the information disturbing and she becomes obviously uncomfortable about it. “What makes you certain these are accurate?”
“I’ve taken the time to fine the right sources.”

“Jackson what makes you think you have?” Galk walks to the Sonteria’s desk, and picks up another tablet, then begins to read it, scowling over the details.

Jackson leans forward on his knees. “The information comes from sources on both planets, I can’t promise that all of the sources are the most ideal, however I can tell you that all of them seem to have some of the same highlights. A Zarrokian business man, indicates he is the council representative, he has intelligence indicating a plan to attack or be attacked, depending on who he’s talking to. He’s convincing enough that he gets to the Cordelian President, and that leads us into the pre-emptive attack.” His tone is matter of fact but his posture is unhappy.

“I have a hard time believing a Zarrokian would want the loss of life we have experienced, on either planet.” Galk continues to review the tablet he is holding, still not convinced.

“I would have the same position, however it appears Sarket Jackson has been very thorough with his investigation thus far.” Anazlyn frowns while she continues to read, after several moments of silence, she looks over the desk. “I want you to finish this. Find out who would want to create this upon our peoples.  You’ll work with Galk on this project.”

“Sonteria, I must object. My job is to protect and assist you.”

“Galk, you will retain your post, while you are working with Sarket Jackson. When you are unable to attend another can take your assignment until you return.”

Galk looks as if to say something, not looking forward to the idea of being assigned to work with Jackson, thinks better of mentioning it. “Yes, Sonteria. As you wish.”

Jackson looks up at Galk, unphased by his attitude, then back to the Sonteria. “I can handle this one.”

“Galk has information you do not, and cannot access, even as a Sarket. You require his assistance, even if you do not yet realize it.” Her tone was very calm, but her expression was anything but. Reading through the data tablet and listening as Jackson spoke turned her state of mind, less than pleasant and she reflected this in her face and position. “Is there something specific you’d like from me Mr Jackson?”

“Access to the records on the station near where the first attack occurred.”

She look up over the data tablet and evenly tells him “it’s classified.”

Jackson frowns “With out that information I will be unable to put the next piece of the puzzle in place.”

“Galk can get it for you.”

Jackson speaks calmly. “I understand Sonteria.”

Anazlyn looks between them for a long moment before speaking again “Make sure you two keep me apprised of the progress on this. I do not want to be caught by surprise on any part of the investigation. You report only to me about these things.”

Galk stands at attention, nods “Yes, Sonteria.”

“Yes, we will keep you appraised.” Jackson sits up a little straighter. He looks at Galk realizing he should be doing much the same, but doesn't.

“Good. I look forward to your first report.” As Jackson stands and they both leave, Anazlyn continues to review the pile of research he left for her. “I don’t understand why anyone would bid their own people ill will.”

Galk and Jackson walk into the office, Jackson puts down his tablet, sits frustrated in the office chair. “Galk, I know you don’t like us working together, but the Sonteria seems to think we should. “ He tosses the tablet in Galk’s direction. “That should show you what I’ve been up to.”

Galk scowls, grabbing the tablet, gruffly “Why you looking over this anyway?”

“Because, nothing about the start of the war felt right. Then I was not ranking enough to make a difference, now I can at least figure out what happened.”

Galk looks over the tablet, glances in Jackson’s direction. “You have been doing a lot of research, and have made some hefty contacts.” Jackson nods, stretches out on the chair, which annoys Galk. “Why are you so relaxed, you have work to accomplish.”

“Because Galk, I have accomplished my goal thus far today, and I’m taking a break.”

Galk focuses on catching up on the research done thus far.