Saturday, June 20, 2009

The calm after the storm....maybe

The room was full of energy and excitement. There were smiling faces, and well dressed attendants for every guest who arrived. The decorated palace ballroom was used for the first time in nearly two years. The Sonteria stood at the top of the stairs waiting for her younger brother to join here. She listened as the room below bustled with activity. The prospect of putting the last year and a half behind her was welcomed. She was feeling content, some might even consider calm, but happy will only come when things have been made right.

As the Royal family, or what was left of it, progressed down the stairs, the room below fell hushed. The two walked hand over hand down each stair carefully. The crowds parted to make room for them. Once the brother and sister were at the bottom of the stairs, the gar spoke up and announced their arrival. They turned to each other, as was once custom for their parents, and began the festivities with a simple dance. Once the song was over, Parin began to mingle and dance with the delegates. Anazlyn separated herself and her advisers to another room.

"Gar Walkon, have you brought the prisoners here yet?" Anazlyn asked as they closed the doors.

He bows "Yes, Sonteria. They were put into the barracks today. We have military guard watching them."

"Good. Do they have a delegation here at the events this evening?"

Another adviser spoke up. "Yes, Sonteria, their leader before the war has brought two advisers with him, and they are in the main hall."

This gentleman spoke in soft tones, but seemed to have a grasp of the social activities. "Thank you Gar Lovok. I would like you to introduce me when we return." He bowed in acknowledgement.

"Sarket Wolen, have you been able to ascertain their current weapons abilities?"

"Yes, Sonteria. They are incompasitated in that regard." The older woman spoke with confidence in her tones. "I would recommend that we remove all weaponary from their area in rapid fashion."

"I will take that into advisement." The Sonteria looked at her advisers, all of them hand picked by her father before he passed. All of them will go the moment she is properly enthroned. She wanted a fresh perspective to advise her, but each seasoned face had great value as well. She had leaned upon them often over the duration of the war. "Before our guests ask of my prescense, we should rejoin them." She walked through the room again, and rejoined the party with her advisers and escorts. Gar Lovok introduced her to the Tarin delegation, and they proceeded to discuss minor matters, in preparation for the discussions that would come in the morning.

After the party conculded and the delegations dispersed, Anazlyn invited Parin to her office to discuss what he had learned from the event.

Parin was slowly removing his formal ware as they sat down. "I don't know how mom and dad did this so often. I prefer engineering technology for the space craft over that." He place his jacket over the desk and turned a chair backwards to sit.

Anazlyn smiled warrily, "It was a very long night." She put her wrap on the back of the chair and sat down. "I was wondering how much time you had to speak with the Tarin delegation."

A boyish grin crossed his face. "I had a lot of time with them. The Tarin delegation were the most social and real group of people at the party. Everyone else seemed to be worried about appearances, and cordial behaviors."

She tilted her head a little, realizing why he still looked so young even after the war, was that he was yet to reach adult, but then, by law, she was also short there of. "Oh, that means at least we will make progress tomorrow."

"I have no doubt about that. I am actually have dinner with one of the delegation members tomorrow. She is their -" paused to look for the words "assistant. She will be fininalizing any paperwork you may develop from the meeting tomorrow."

"Ah, and she just happens to be the attractive woman I saw you dancing with most of the night?" She smiled, almost like she wanted to giggle, but she was far to tired for that nonesense tonight. "Go, we need rest. Tomorrow is the offical end to this nasty war."

Parin stood and grabbed his jacket to leave. "It may be on you figuretivly, but you're not doing this alone."

"I know that. Thank you for your help. I will meet you at breakfast."

They retired for the evening.