Friday, June 19, 2009

The Winds of Change can storm through....

The young man looks out of the window of his ship when someone approaches him, and tells him there is a communication channel open and waiting for him. He turns and thanks the messenger. Goes to his quarters, and opens his computer screen. When he did the face of a lovely young woman appears. "How are you little sister?" He smiles largely because it has been weeks since their last conversation, and that time it was not a smile that greeted him.

"I am fine, Kareth. I have wonderful news." Her smile gets even bigger. "Parin has reached the next level of enthronement. He is doing very well, and will be ready to meet you on board soon."

"That is good news, Anazlyn. I am very happy to hear he is doing so well. It is to bad you can't also join him." Kareth's large green eyes look over his sister's features, hoping to see some positive change, but he does not get what he had hopped for.

Her eyes drop, and become sad. "Dad's condition is not any better. Someone will still have to rule in his place until something can be done."

"I understand, all to well." He smiles. "You do a fantastic job of it." Hears a loud noise, and sees a light streak out of his window. "One moment Anazlyn" Stands and looks to see what is going on. Hears the alarm ring red alert.

She watches patiently on the other side, listening as the commotion becomes louder.

Kareth begins to give orders, and moves to leave the room, but is forced back in by an armed man. The ship whirls with activity, and suddenly Kareth is down, and not moving. The armed man walks out with a smug look. And she watched it happen.

Suddenly everything goes black. She stands and screams for her sarket to get the connection back. He responds that it is not possible to contact a ship that is not there. She falls back into her chair, silent and stunned. Then looks up to her adviser, and swallows hard. Taking a deep breath she asks what happened. The Sarket is unable to answer her. He reaches to comfort her, but she shakes him away, and her mind begins to whirl.

The skies grow dark and the winds whip around pulling trees from their roots and pushing buildings aside like toys. People run from their homes in terror and look for shelter in the palace. Struggling to get in by volumes the heavy rot iron door falls off the hinges, and into the sea of people struggling to get into safety. Most don't make it through the gate. For those who do, safety is found and the storm passes. But only after it has decimated everything in it's path, except the portion of the palace everyone was huddled into for safety. Frightened and shaken everyone emerges, cautiously. Astonishment crosses every face that survives.

The beauty that once lived here is gone. The homes, farms, buildings and thriving businesses are all gone. In its place is an empty land, as far as the eye can see. No buildings, no rubble, not one tree stood, it was an empty land.

As the day clears and the sky gives way to a lush blue hue, everyone looks from one to the other, trying to figure out what is next. Children clutch to their mothers or fathers, while husbands comfort sobbing wives. Standing alone, a member of the royal household, cloaked and hooded silently watching it all.