Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rebuilding starts at home.....

"Over the time since the great storm, the palace has been rebuilt, and the family homes have begun to reappear. Our people are becoming stronger every day that continues, and in some cases, even babies are being born." He paused, then turned to the cloaked figure near him. "But we still have a long way to go." He sighed.

"We do." came the voice under the hood, as soft as any kind woman's voice can be. "The storm took things, took lives, just as the war did. It is time for rebuilding."

"That much is obvious." He looks at her once again, and reaches for her hood. She steps back. "It has been years since you have allowed us to see your face."

"We all have our place, Koleth. Mine is not here, but I am for now."

He closes his eyes a moment, and opens them to look again upon the cloaked woman. "You are correct. Please forgive my anxiousness."

"All things are beginning a new. Soon somethings of old will appear as they should." her voice was solem, but his reaction was anything but. He turned to her and put his hands on the table between them, hard. "Anger and disappointment do not make it the right choice."

"Arriana, you speak in words of air and mysticism. You hide yourself so no one can see your face, but you expect me to remain calm and still accept your advice and guidence?"

"No, I expect you to behave as a future Konair."

His dark features softened, and he hung his head because he realized that as usual, she was correct. "I wish I could understand how you do that." He shook his head and stood back up. Realizing that they should be downstairs overseeing the new gate installment, walks to the window again, this time to see the progress. "It appears they will be ready shortly. We should joing the construction team." She steps back allowing him to go before her, as was custom of those not leading the royal houshold. He walked out the door, trailed closly by Arriana.

As they arrive at the gate many of the town's strongest men struggel to get it to line on the hinges. Koleth moves over to help them by pushing the door until it clicked into alignment. Just as they find it is working into place, the door begins to move quickly toward the ground, and the workers below, then it just stops. The men stare at it in amazement. Then Koleth realizes what happened, and turns to the cloaked figure for only a moment. "Everyone, push, she won't be able to hold this for long." The men get back to securing the gate again. This time the pins make it in place and it is secured. The workers walk away and cheering is heard from all who know the great gate is finally repaired.